Not on Bitten: the late, great Billy Van

Had a tour Tuesday of the set of Bitten, launching early 2014 on Space. The genre series stars Laura Vandervoort (Ted, Smallville) as that rarest of species, a female werewolf. Also sinking their fangs into roles are Greyston Holt (Durham County) and Greg Bryk (Regenesis, XIII: The Series). Based on the beast-selling “Otherworld” books by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, the series has werewolves mingling with humans who do not suspect that they walk among us. The wolf folk are creeped out by mutts, however, who sniff that there is something up with these strangers.
Vandervoort, who also was on V, is well acquainted with the sci-fi fan base. She’s worked a Comic-con or two and knows what she’s in for. The girl has a black belt in real life, so that helps.
Vandervoort says she was yakking about dogs and PETA on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight when the producers spotted her and called her in for this series.
The sets are dark and gothic. A sitting room, complete with antler chandeliers and Indian rugs, looks Victorian by way of Lost Girl. The hefty chopping block and large wooden table in the dining room are all wood. There’s a dingy basement set complete with a jail cell where wolf girl is locked during transformations. No screeners yet, but those scenes should lead to baying during full moons.
Toronto plays Toronto in this series (as it does in the novels), nice for a change. It all takes place in the same studios where Flashpoint filmed, with Nikita next door.Thirteen episode are in production. Daegan Fryklind (Motive), she of the wild leggings, and Grant Rosenberg are co-showrunners.

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