heroJamie West was sitting in for Scott Thompson this week on CHML’s AM900. He had lots of questions about Apple TV getting into the content business. Is this the death of cable, West asks.

Hang on. Big changes are coming to cable and specialty in Canada, for sure. Netflix is the catylist, not Apple TV, but if Apple can start offering great new shows, it will give consumers one more reason to cut the cable cord.

Having great, original, exclusive content is the key, however. Ask Shomi and Crave, two Canadian digital streaming options launched one year ago still struggling to emerge out from under the shadow of Netflix. Their problem: You’re only going to subscribe to these services if you can’t get the content anywhere else–plus, man, is this market getting crowded.

Jamie and I also engage in more tech talk. I confess I don’t have a smart TV and I’m not even a smart TV user. With no built-in tech savvy twentysomethings at home, I’m helpless if one of these devises needs rebooting. I usually just give up and go downstairs and thread a 16mm projector and get my content fix the old school way, 24 frames per second.

site_header_logo-542c425292625We banter about the upcoming fall season, too, and how the broadcasters seem to be surrendering the smart show turf to digital. You can listen in here.

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