20160429_105705_HDRAll this love for Justin Trudeau from Trevor Noah and the rest of the Daily Show gang (see previous post) got me thinking–is there some secret Canadian Karma connection with this series?

Then I found it. Right next to the West Side Manhattan soundstage for The Daily Show, at 52nd Street and 11th Avenue, there is a park. DeWitt Clinton Park to be exact. You can see kids shagging flies on all four ball diamonds there spring, summer and fall.

At the south-east corner of the park–right across from The Daily Show–is a statue saluting the work of a Canadian icon, John McCrea.

A large bronze statue of a WWI “doughboy” stands tall over a garden. Below on the base of the statue are a few lines from McCrea’s famous Remembrance Day poem, “In Flanders Fields.” The soldier appears to be gazing across the street at a large poster of Trevor Noah on the side of the building next to his studio.

The statue is dedicated to local residents who fought in the war. Hard to tell if Guelph, Ont.-born McCrae is the Daily Show inspiration–or maybe it’s the poppies.

Part of “In Flanders Fields” is quoted under the statue. Like a lot of posts here there are at least three mistakes

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