It’s official — the podcast has gone to the dogs. Make that one dog in particular: Diesel vom Burginwald, the handsome German Shepherd who stars on Citytv’s Hudson & Rex.

In the above video, Diesel’s Dog Master, Sherri Davis, reveals that her prized pooch is a big fan of this very web site. And why not? His masters voice can be heard starting today on the latest installment of the podcast.

Listen in as Davis talks about the challenges of returning to work in the midst of a pandemic. Hudson & Rex was one of the first scripted shows in Canada to go back before the cameras after the first wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus shut down TV and film sets around the world. The cast and crew are currently working on a third season of 16 new episodes.

Rex & Reardon

Hard enough for series lead John Reardon or any of the other two-legged cast members to get their heads around the new manuals and daily health and safety updates. Davis talks about how all this mask wearing affects a dog who relies more than you might think on facial expressions when trying to fetch his next cue.

She also talks about how she because a dog lover, her entry into the TV business and her favourite doggie TV series as a child. Then there are the other animal acts she’s brought to film and TV sets. Sherri has trained other dogs, cats, rats and even a lynx to perform on everything from Murdoch Mysteries, Flashpoint, Lost Girl, Rick Mercer Report and even American Gods.

B rioux & Rex

There’s no doubt Sherri has a gift when it comes to talking to the animals. She’s darn good at communicating with podcast hosts too. Hear a few of her best shaggy dog stories on a funny, fascinating episode, available now for free at Soundcloud, Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts. Fetch it here now at this link.


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