The most-watched TV show on Netflix in Canada, for the week of March 13-19, was a series that has been on the chart for five weeks: Season four of You.

The new survival competition series Outlast was in second place, with Season 2 of Shadow and Bone opening in third. (Season One of that series was 8th most-watched for the week in Canada).

On the feature film side, “Luther: The Fallen Sun” was No. 1 in Canada and in many other countries, drawing 69.54 million hours viewed, making it tops on the English Films list.

The second most-watched film in Canada was a docuseries about the Internet porn business, “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story.” It racked up 13.67 million hours viewed around the world for Netflix, probably a fraction of the hours viewed in a week for the porn site itself.

Here is how the Netflix Top-10 in Canada list looked the week of March 13-19:

MARCH 13 – MARCH 19, 2023Next Week


1You: Season 45
2Outlast: Season 11
3Shadow and Bone: Season 21
4The Glory: Season 13
5MH370: The Plane That Disappeared: Limited Series2
6Outer Banks: Season 34
7Perfect Match: Season 15
8Shadow and Bone: Season 11
9Sex/Life: Season 23
10Next in Fashion: Season 23

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