As mentioned here a week ago, reporting ratings in Canada has become a bit like citing COVID statistics. They’re out there, they’re just not reported anymore.

The good news for the return of Canada’s Got Talent for a second season is that the audience for the Howie Mandel anchored reality show grew in week 2 off it’s already solid debut.

Tuesday, March 29 saw 574,000 heads counted in overnight estimates, a jump from the 539,000 estimated to have watched the first night on Citytv. Canada’s Got Talent also was the most-watched reality show of the night in Canada, edging past Big Brother Canada on Global (571,000) and the simulcast of The Voice on CTV2 (248,000).

Again, overnight estimates, still a good indicator of initial impact, are only part of the overall ratings story when it comes to how Canadians consume television today. Audiences for scripted shows, for example, can grow by 25 or even 40 percent over seven days of on-demand and digital viewing from an opening night estimate.

Hudson & Rex, which aired its fifth season finale on City immediately following CGT, fetched an overnight estimate of 481,000. That total could eventually catch and pass the CGT total over the seven day measurement.

Both CGT and Rex were estimated to have outdrawn everything in prime in Canada not shown on CTV Tuesday night, including (non-Leaf) NHL hockey on Sportsnet National and Raptors on TSN.



  1. Hi Bill. I guess it’s a success for City TV standards and it’s interesting to see how CGT beated BBCAN.
    A question: do you have “Sullivan’s Crossing” premiere and “Workin’ Moms” finale ratings? Both shows had decent numbers?

  2. Bill Brioux Reply

    Workin’ Moms cratered this 7th and final season. 152k in overnights for the finale, I think around the same the week before. In overnights, it lost more than half the CBC audience from its lead-in, Son of a Critch.
    No info on Sullivan’s Crossing.

  3. Thanks for all!
    I guess Sullivan’s Crossing maybe did not perform well… or flopped.

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