I’m old enough to remember seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. That “really big shew” happened on February 9, 1964 – 60 years ago. I remember my dad going on about their long hair and those so-called Beatle wigs. I could not, however, take my eyes off them, and neither could a then-record 73 million other people who watched that night on television.

That summer of ‘64, The Beatles came to Toronto for two performances at Maple Leaf Gardens. There for both shows and chosen to interview them the next day for the Toronto Star, was one lucky teen – Michele Finney. At the time she was the young co-star, opposite Alan Hamel and Howard the Turtle, of the daily, live afternoon CBC kids show, Razzle Dazzle.

Twenty years ago, on the 40th anniversary of Beatlemania, I interviewed Michele. This was back when I was the TV columnist for the Toronto Sun. She is just as fab now as she was then as you’ll hear in our conversation. Listen as she talks of many other adventures, including re-connecting with John Lennon during the Live Peace in Toronto concert held at Varsity Stadium in 1969. Today she’s married to another rock star, Iron Butterfly founding member and guitarist Danny Weis.

To listen to our full conversation, please click on the white arrow in the blue circle, above.

Michele back in her Razzle Dazzle days with cohost Alan Hamel

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  1. Thanks for this, Bill. I am happy to see that Michele is well and vibrant as ever! Ten year old me had such a crush on her!

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