Leave it to Beaver


Did Tony Dow really have to die twice? The Leave it to Beaver star was first reported dead Tuesday, but that premature message was quickly retracted. Dow clung to one more day before officially succumbing to cancer on Wednesday, July 27. He was 77. It is easy to forgive his wife Lauren for that first

You know you’re getting old when you find yourself writing obits about the child stars of your youth. Ken Osmond, one of television’s most memorable weasels through six seasons of Leave it to Beaver, died Monday in Los Angeles. He was 76. At 14, the Glendale, Calif., native attended an open audition for the part

Regular readers of this site may be asking if this is now a daily obituary blog. No, but the death of Roger Ebert, Annette Funicello, Johnny Esaw, Jonathan Winters and now Frank Bank in the span of one week sure makes it seem that way.Sadly, Boomers are in for a steady parade of death notices