Where is Wendy Williams? She wasn’t at the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour, although Lifetime was there to promote the four-hour documentary “Where is Wendy Williams.” After a court injunction brought by a family member attempting to block the airing of the film was tossed out, it will premiere as scheduled over two

PASADENA, CA: This past Sunday, small medium at large Theresa Caputo put on quite a show for reporters assembled at this winter’s semi-annual press tour. Her Lifetime original, Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits, airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime in the US and it can also be seen on Stack TV in Canada. The native

One of the stand-out second bananas on CTV’s JANN has been Elena Juatco. The Vancouver-native plays Jann Arden’s flinty, no-nonsense manager Cale. Like the super veggie she’s named after, Cale is supposedly good for you — but is sometimes hard to swallow. I reached Juatco by phone last week in Ottawa where she was shooting

A few months ago, I ducked into one of those boxy new modern mansions down by the lake in Mississauga in search of Mary Kills People. The Global series, which premieres Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT, was shooting on location. Inside the house, cardboard covered all the floor surfaces and visitors had to sneak

Tori Spelling is back in the news and I got dragged in with her. John Doyle writes in Monday’s Globe and Mail about Spelling’s latest series on Lifetime, True Tori (Tuesdays at 10 p.m.). The series sounds so reach-y I have not given it a sniff, but its apparently about how Spelling and her Canadian

Bank robbers Holiday Grainger and Emile Hirsche A two-part TV-movie? What is this–1985??No, it’s Bonnie & Clyde and you can tell it’snot the ’80s because its airing over three networks at once: History, Lifetime and A&E. Part Two airs Monday night at 9 p.m.I spoke last week with executive producers John Rice and Joe Batteer

East Enders (l-r) Winter, Dewan-Tatum, Ormond, Boston and DiTamasso Vancouver crews were crying the blues at the start of the year. Their beef? That there wasn’t enough TV production being shot in the province. Things have bounced back nicely, however, with 12 TV projects currently before cameras in and around the city. Man, if I’d