Matthew Weiner


Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner wrote a sterling exit for Robert Morse. Towards the end of the series’ run, Morse’s character —  ad firm patriarch Bertram Cooper – dies at home shortly after witnessing the best ad line ever uttered on television: Neil Armstrong’s “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for

Mad Men has often been accused of being slow, so I thought I would take my time before weighing in on the final episode. Actually I just saw it Friday night. Was up north the Sunday it aired and my neighbour has rigged his dish just to get hockey games. Had it in my PVR

PASADENA, Calif.–AMC owned TCA for a couple of hours Saturday. Coming in: Better Call Saul. Going out: Mad Men. (A Halt and Catch Fire session was squeezed in between.) Critics who leaned back through much of HBO’s relatively quiet afternoon were back leaning forward. There was plenty to hear, especially from showrunners and critics’ pals

The best moment of Sunday night’s seventh season Mad Men opener was when eye patch-wearing Ken (Aaron Staton) went to throw that earring back to Joan (Christina Hendricks)—and missed by a mile. That one bit of physical comedy stood out in an otherwise dark and unsettling episode. Even Mister Comedy Gold himself, Roger Sterling (John

I wanted to blog about Sunday night’s sixth season finale of Mad Men–but then I read Tim Goodman’s spot-on deconstruction. Goodman says it all and says it well. Read it here at The Hollywood Reporter.I agree with Goodman that the jam-packed finale redeemed an up and down season. It was as if creator Matthew Weiner,

Tonight at 10/9c is the season finale of Mad Men (AMC). This is the end of Season Six, or as its known at my house, the year I stopped watching every week.I’ll catch up; this is still a great TV show. The first three to six episodes just seemed a little shark jumpy to me.

Second in a series of Mad Men character sketches by mydaughter Katie–collect them all A friend–let’s call her the Media Mistress of Mill Street–suggested recently that it was time to warm up Don Draper’s jet ski: Mad Men had jumped the shark.Sacrilege, I thought. This is a show I’d watch in German or Mandarin Chinese