Muhammad Ali


A friend of mine who tends to joke about these things, emailed to say he was afraid to visit his mother-in-law “Endora” over the Christmas holidays. “Was worried that Doctor Bombay wouldn’t be around to turn me back into me at some point.” Just another reminder of all the people we grew up with on

Because he was the host of a reality show, I met and interviewed president elect (swallowing hard) Donald Trump on a few occasions. Here is what happened on one of them: In 2010, I was in Manhattan interviewing the hosts of the real estate reality show Selling New York. I had a day to kill, and I

When people ask, as they occasionally do, who is the biggest star I ever met, I only ever have one answer: Muhammad Ali. “The Greatest” died Friday in Scottsdale Arizona. He was 74. Growing up as I did in the ’60s, there was no bigger hero than Ali. He was mesmerizing in the ring, floating and

Nineteen sixty-four grows in significance, for me, with every passing anniversary. Tuesday the 25th being the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali becoming The Greatest.On Feb.25, 1964, the 22-year-old boxer defeated fearsome heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Mighty Liston failed to answer the bell for the seventh round. Cassius Clay, as Ali was known at the time,