Paul McCartney


This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to ask my take on the Oscars. We went on to gab for over 16 minutes and completely ignored the awards talk. Instead we got sidetracked yakking about last week’s epic Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special. I got a call this week from my colleague Bill Carter who, in 1975

City drew 2,639,000 overnight, estimated viewers Sunday with the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. That’s a record for them (over last year’s Grammy tally) and a lot more than they’ve been getting on a Sunday night with Hometown Hockey. The Canadian broadcaster announced Monday it has locked rights to the industry music fest for another two

This retro marquee will be up all weekend celebrating The Beatles 50th in NYC It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles invaded America. When Pan Am Flight 101 arrived on Feb. 7, 1964 at the newly-christened John F. Kennedy International airport, three thousand cheering fans–mainly young women–were waiting to greet them.So were reporters.

Dance duo Daft Punk won Album of the Year I got a call around five hours into Sunday night’s Grammy Awards to turn on the TV–Ringo was on.Sure enough, there he was, looking fab for 73 and singing Photograph. Beatle-y photos flashed behind him to remind folks that CBS has a special Feb. 9 commemorating

Many years ago, this comedy team I know, Bullock & Brioux, worked a funeral. A friend’s father had passed away, and the family had gathered, and they needed to laugh. So a set was performed in a crowded living room.Bullock & Brioux never got bigger laughs, or put on a more rewarding show.People, as has

BEVERLY HILLS, CA.—It’s been a pretty good press tour when you can say you were in on sessions with Harry Belafonte, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Lewis, Gloria Steinem, Davy Jones, Rosie O’Donnell, Hugh Laurie, Ken Burns, Anna Paquin, Smokey Robinson, Kelsey Grammar, Ted Danson, Mike Judge, Luke Wilson, Cameron Crowe, Laura Dern, Al Jean, Sarah Michelle