Paul Soles


The annual animated Christmas special Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer first premiered in 1964 –the same year The Beatles conquered America on The Ed Sullivan Show. This week both Rudolph and The Beatles return to television. More on the Fab Four’s “Get Back” docuseries premiering Thursday later this week. Tonight, Monday, at 8 p.m., CBS gets

One of the last surviving members of a cherished Canadian voice troupe from the early ’60s has passed away. Alfie Scopp, 101 years of age, died July 24 in Toronto. He was one of the golden voices associated with the talented Toronto troupe who spoke for characters from the 1964 beloved annual holiday classic “Rudolph

Paul Soles — one of the last surviving members of the annual holiday special Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer voice cast — passed away Wednesday in Toronto. He was 90. Soles, of course, was known for so much more than that. His career in Canadian television spanned seven decades, from an early appearance on London, Ontario’s

I was in the Los Angeles area Sunday, heading up the 405, past the smokey, smoldering hillsides of Calabasas and deep into the San Fernando Valley when I heard the news that comic book kingpin Stan Lee had passed away. I was in a shuttle bus with a half-dozen international journalists when — as cell phones

Very late in posting this but had a great time last Saturday moderating a panel at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. A A 40-year-old CBC TV-movie was saluted: “The Making of the President 1944.” Among the distinguished guests on the panel was the author of the original short story upon which the movie was based,