The X Files


Upfronts have become look back week, and that’s bad news for broadcast television. This used to be draft day, a chance to look forward, to see where the smart minds of broadcasting were taking the medium. Now the big news is the return of shows that failed 20, ten or two years ago. Is there

Are more new X-Files episodes out there? On a conference call with reporters Monday in advance of their upfront presentation, Fox executives said they while they had nothing specific to announce, talks are on-going to extend the series. Six new episodes aired this season reuniting original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson with series creator/executive producer Chris

I spoke twice with CHML’s Scott Thompson this week. I did another CHML AM900 radio chat with Scott Bradley on Tuesday. This is more often than I generally speak with family members. Thompson started his first call chatting about Justin Trudeau and selfies and what did I think about that. I mention how, on the

If you’ve got 4 minutes and 10 seconds to spare, you can check out my appearance Wednesday on CTV’s Canada AM.  Please look past the bleary eyes and vacant stare; I’m fresh off a punishing winter TCA press tour crammed with “Too Much TV” that left colleagues staggering into Uber rides to the airport. I

PASADENA, Calif.–“Think of it as a bento box full of X-Files.” That’s how David Duchovny describes the new, six-episode mini-pack of The X-Files. The first episode premieres Sunday on Fox and CTV. Back in the day, Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, along with creator/executive producer Chris Carter, cranked out 24 episodes a year. They were originally

Arlene Bynon tracked me down on the phone in Pasadena and spoke with me Friday on SiriusXM’s “Canada Talks” (Channel 167). She wanted the scoop on the TCA Winter press tour and I was happy to deliver the goods on some recent sessions, including the E! network panel featuring I am Cait‘s Caitlyn Jenner, the whole Donald Trump/NBC

LOS ANGELES, Calif.–The pace of this TCA press tour is a killer but one thing is for sure–it is packed with fun things to do. One highlight came tonight as critics were shuttled from the Pasadena TCA playpen to downtown LA for a special screening of the first episode of the new X-Files. The six-episode

CANNES, France–Chris Carter was asked Tuesday night at the world premiere of The X-Files miniseries: How long will Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny keep coming back to playing Scully and Mulder? He answered without hesitation: “Until they’re wheeled off the stage.” The creator and executive producer was the star attraction at the MIPCOM screening of the Fox