2016-01-14T234855Z_1960913738_GF20000095230_RTRMADP_3_USA-ENTERTAINMENTArlene Bynon tracked me down on the phone in Pasadena and spoke with me Friday on SiriusXM’s “Canada Talks” (Channel 167). She wanted the scoop on the TCA Winter press tour and I was happy to deliver the goods on some recent sessions, including the E! network panel featuring I am Cait‘s Caitlyn Jenner, the whole Donald Trump/NBC kerfuffle and my quick take on the Shaw/Corus deal.

Jenner talked about how she’d like to take her show on the road now that she finally has her gender sorted out on her passport. The former decathlete sprinted off the stage after the session but I did grab a few minutes with her after in the lobby of the TCA hotel. I asked if she would like to take her show north. “I love Canada!” she said.

Several years ago at a TCA panel for The Kardashians, I ignored Kim Kylie, Khloe, etc and interviewed Bruce Jenner. He had great stories about being part of The Battle of the Network Stars in the ’70s and working on that series with Howard Cosell.

sirius-xm-logoIt was different looking up–way up–at Jenner this week. She is very tall in heels. She was also very warm and friendly, clasping my hands as she spoke about Canada, where she won that Gold Medal at the Montreal Olympics way back in 1976. What was interesting was looking into her eyes and recognizing the same person I interviewed years before. Jenner was still Jenner, just more openly so.

You can listen in here.

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