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Maureen Donaldson would tell such outrageous stories you’d swear she was making it all up. Who packs all this into one life: a May-September affair with Cary Grant? A parrot that once belonged to Muhammad Ali? A first job with The Beatles? Word came via a Facebook posting this week from mutual friend Ray Bennett

Way back in the days when I worked at TV Guide Canada, a gentleman named Harry Purvis was our semi-resident movie buff. Harry the Hat, as he was known in his native Hamilton, Ont., had a photographic memory when it came to movie dialogue and acting credits dating back to when he was a lad

Richard Moll, one of TV’s tallest series regulars ever, stood out for nine seasons on NBC’s “Must See” Thursday night sitcom Night Court (1984-1992). The 6-foot-8 actor passed away October 26 in California at age 80. Moll played bailiff “Bull” Shannon opposite Harry Anderson, Markie Post, Selma Diamond, Charles Robinson and surviving cast members Marsha

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post reported Bell Media pulled the plug on TV Guide Canada. That is incorrect. The decision to end TV Guide Canada was made by TC Media. Bell Media’s TheLoop was a content partner but Bell had no role in TV Guide Canada’s demise. Brioux.TV regrets the error. News this

In another end of the year poll, Orphan Black has emerged as the critics’ choice as the Best Show in Canadian Television.The popular Space series, starring Golden Globe nominee Tatiana Maslany (left) in an astonishing, multi-personality role, was the overwhelming choice when votes from a dozen Canadian TV critics were tabulated at TV Guide Canada.Second

Unfortunately I’m going to miss this because I’m heading down to Los Angeles for another TCA press tour, but a memorial for Harry Purvis has been planned. The former TV Guide Canada legend and noted film buff is being saluted by family and friends this coming Sunday, July 28 in Hamilton, Ont. You’ll find all