It’s finally too late to catch a double feature at the Westwood Theatre. The Etobicoke landmark has sat empty since late last century, bowing out with a screening of Titanic. A ghost theatre has sat on the land for about 15 years while various mayors and city counselors dithered.
Priestly Demolitions have much of it knocked down already. The good news is the iconic WESTWOOD letters were carefully removed before the walls came down. The plan is to save and restore them and feature them at the future site. When the dust clears, a community centre, which will be anchored by a YWCA, will appear. The plan is also to straighten out the entire Six Points traffic snarl, taking all those wacky spaghetti lanes and funneling them through a strainer.
Below are a couple of shots from a few years ago. The theatre was built in the early ’50s and was a great place to see a movie.

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  1. I worked there for 18 years! Usher/doorman/bouncer/cleaner. Many romances and memories there! Miss all my co-workers! Farewell.

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