Martindale last Sunday at the Beverly Hilton. Robert Voets/CBS

For years, Margo Martindale dreamed of becoming a sitcom star. That dream appears to be finally coming true on The Millers (Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and Global).
The 62-year-old actress was one of dozens of CBS stars who took part in recent international press conferences held in New York and Los Angeles. Her session was actually the capper to the week-long event and she seemed to enjoy the attention as well as the sometimes unusual questions.
One reporter asked Martindale what she thought about the critical reaction to her character, controlling mom Carol, farting in the pilot episode.
“I thought it was making a…a mountain out of a fart cloud, that’s what I thought it was,” she says, adding, “You know what? If it hadn’t been me, I would have thought it was hilarious. But it was me.” 
Before The Millers, Martindale was making a name for herself as dangerous, nasty in dramas such as The Americans, Justified and Dexter. She worried that viewers, “weren’t ready to see me do a comedy after killing people for two years.”
The series is executive produced and created by Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl, Raising Hope). Garcia’s sets are known for their chumminess, and The Millers, it appears, is no exception. 

“You hear this but it is the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful group of people to work with,” says Martindale, who co-stars with Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Jayma Mays and J.B. Smoove. “Everybody is on the same page. We’re all their each week to try to give an even better show, trying to find our wings in a way.”

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