TCA wiseguy Denis Leary

PASADENA, CA–“Now, how fucking bored are you guys?”
Hello Denis Leary, and welcome back to press tour.
The 56-year-old comedian and former Rescue Me star did his usual shtick, peppering his remarks with plenty of F-bombs.
Leary can always be counted on for finding the nerve and hitting it. “How bad is it?  How bad is the week?  I know some things I’ve read.  I know some people were upset about Lena Dunham’s nudity.
“But you should thank your lucky stars you didn’t see fucking Peter Tolan naked.  Okay?  Because I have.  Okay?  And you do not want to see that silver fucking bush staring back at you.”
HUGE laffs. Leary then explained why he wasn’t teamed with Tolan on his latest venture, Sirens, a cheeky cop drama he’s producing for the USA Network.
“After Peter Tolan said he wasn’t going to work with me anymore because he wanted to work on his own, I Googled silver haired, 50 year old sarcastic Irishman in Hollywood and I got Bob’s picture.”
Bob being Robert Fisher, the screenwriter (“Wedding Crashers”), not the chess player. Leary and Fisher then set about adapting the British Sirens for American television.
Leary said his business partner Jim Serpico, was approached by the British producers of Sirens, who were fans of Rescue Me,  to turn it into an American show. USA Network, says Leary, was “basically just pillaging the cast of Rescue Me and putting them into shows.” He mentioned Callie Thorne, Daniel Sunjata and Steven Pasquale.

USA started the Sirens‘ session by having a dozen or so actors pose in
front of the stage with sirens. All part of the circus known as press tour

When Serpico suggested to Leary this might be an opportunity to make some money “off these USA people,” Leary said, “Fuck, yeah, dude.  Let’s go.”
Leary says he’ll produce but he won’t act on the series. “I don’t have any fucking lines,” he explained, “and I can wear sweat pants or whatever the fuck I want to the set.  I can look like shit.”
There was more talk about Sirens, but things really got fun when Leary turned the tables on critics and started asking us questions.

Leary and Fisher: nailed it
“How long have you guys been trapped in this hotel?  Seriously.  Is it two weeks?  How many days?”
Told it was 10 days at that point, Leary continued.
“Do you guys generally just stay here or do you go out?  No.  You go out.  Really?  And do you drink?  You just go crazy drinking?  Is that what happens?  Do you guys all hang out and drink together and then just get up in the morning and sit down? 
“Let me ask you this.  I’ve been here so many times.  I’ve never asked these questions.  Is everything paid for? 
“No!” came the collective reply. TCA members or their publications are responsible for transportation and hotel costs.
“You gotta be shitting me,” said Leary. “Do you get free shit the whole time you’re here, like food and drink?”
“Yes,” scribes admitted.
“You get free swag, too, right?”
“Free transportation?”
The room got a little squirmy.  
“Basically you could spend 10 days here just getting fucked up and you don’t have to worry about driving or anything, right? Cool. I just want to find out. I’m very upset that somebody has to pay for their room.”
“Are these assigned seats?” Fisher asked.
Seating in the ballroom is first come, first served. 
“Do you get mad at each other for stealing your spot?” Leary prodded. 
“You gotta be here first in the morning to get these seats up front?”
Concluded Leary: “I think we hit a raw nerve.”

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