JAKARTA, Indonesia — On this week’s episode of The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition, the remaining six teams scramble their way to Winnipeg where, among other things, they’ll dance over to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Back in May when the race was run, however, I was fortunate to be invited along as the racers, various crew members and host Jon Montgomery made the long journey to Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is quite literally half way around the world, a 15-and-a-half hour plane ride followed by another five hour plus flight, landing just south of the equator. Toward the end of a race day where temperatures soared towards 40 degrees Celsius, I grabbed a few minutes with ever-agreeable Montgomery. The Olympic gold medalist still has those keen motor skills as he demonstrates by hanging off cliffs, leaping from suspension bridges and performs other feats of daring do for the fine folks at Insight Productions.

Here on the above video, listen in as Montgomery provides some insight and perspective on Jakarta, including a brief description of the vast city square where this interview as well as the episodes final checkpoint took place.

Note also how he is holding the camera throughout the entire four minutes and 26 seconds of our chat. Are there gold medals for being a good sport? I should at least have bought him a pitcher of beer at the end.

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