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There’s nothing like a pandemic to have all of us taking stock. “It’s been an interesting time in terms of soul searching and exploring your own makeup,” agrees Murdoch Mysteries star Yannick Bisson.

The 51-year-old actor, like the rest of us, has had some extra time to consider his place in the universe in 2020. Fans on YouTube saw a change when they followed him earlier this year on a series of engaging personal messages along Californian mountain trails.

Now, on the latest edition of BriouxTV: The Podcast, the Montreal native continues to stress the need for connection. 

“Things got strange,” he says, realizing that for years, people in general “have been focused on self. We now need to think a little more collectively.”

“Maybe it’s time to get personal,” says Bisson, who wanted to share how he was coping as society began to shut down. He found himself getting more concerned about his wife of 31 years, high school sweetheart Shantelle, their three daughters and other family members.

That point was hammered home once Bisson and his fellow cast members gathered to shoot a 14th season of Murdoch Mysteries. He talks about the extraordinary safety measures being taken daily on the set of the CBC series, scheduled to return in the new year.

I’ve had the good fortune to interview Bisson over his years on Murdoch Mysteries and even before that when he was starring opposite Sarah Chalke on Nothing too Good for a Cowboy. One such encounter came during a memorable trip to Dawson City in 2012. That’s when I was invited to be a background extra on Murdoch, spiffed up to look like “Miner No. 5” in turn-of-the-century garb. During that stint, I asked Yannick for some acting advice; his words of wisdom are captured in the video, below:


That’s the kind of guy Yannick is: tolerant of showboating TV critics during hammy photo ops; generous with his time. Hear him now on life’s mysteries at BriouxTV: The Podcast.

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