Trying to launch a Canadian Comedfy Hall of Fame is no laughing matter. Just ask Tim Progosh. In fac t, don’t ask him, I already did in our conversation this week on the podcast.

Progosh first took on this Seventh Act of Hercules over 20 years ago. He kept running into unfunny road blocks: the 9/11 attacks; deals falling through during a recession; COVID and actor strike interruptions. Who knew saluting comedy was such a serious and challenging business?

On this podcast episode, Progosh tells how — while still set on an eventual  brick and mortar venue —  he was able to gain the political smarts to get a virtual Hall off the ground.

This year’s inductees include Eugene Levy and Martin Short, the cast of SCTV as a troupe, Jim Carrey and Red Green Show star and creator Steve Smith and even late great Hilarious House of Frightenstein comedy chameleon Billy Van. Going even further back, early film star Marie Dressler and radio’s The Happy Gang also made the Hall.

Festivities and live comedy shows take place in Hamilton, Ont., Feb. 21 through 24. You can get the details and tickets to those events here. Ron James, Shaun Majumder and others will be performi ng, and some of the inductees, including Hamilton’s Steve Smith, who created the character out of Hamilton’s CHCH television studio, will be headlining one tribute.

Progosh tells all in this week’s laugh out loud episode of the podcast. To listen, simply click on the white arrow in the blue dot, above.


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