The polls are still open in some States but here at Brioux.TV we’re able to declare a winner: CNN. The Atlanta-based cable news network is on a roll in the United States, topping Fox News CNN is also on a roll in the United States. For the first time in 15 years, CNN has beaten Fox News

I’ve seen Trump up close, on several occasions. He’s like Elvis in a suit, positively leeches attention. Just try not to stare at his lid. So, yes, I watched a lot of the Republican National Convention over the past week. Here are some observations: That it was held at the Quicken Loans Arena tells you

PASADENA, CA–Spotted Dr. Drew Pinsky at the CNN TCA press tour party the other day and asked: can Rob Ford be saved?You might have read or heard about Toronto’s mayor. Hizzonor has admitted he’s smoked crack cocaine and been on a few booze binges.When I mentioned him to Greg Kinnear–who plays a boozin,’ gamblin’, cad

PASADENA, CA–There are certain players in the TV racket who just jolt the room when they pop into press tour. For example: Jeff Zucker.Now president of CNN Worldwide, the 48-year-old reinvented The Today Show half his lifetime ago. He went from Wunderkind to mere mortal after rising to the top at NBC Universal. On his