The Elephant is in the room: Monday is the start of the Republican National Convention in the United States. It sort of takes place in Charlotte, NC, although this year it is mainly a virtual, on-line event spread over four days. President Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomnation first thing Monday morning and threatens to

The polls are still open in some States but here at Brioux.TV we’re able to declare a winner: CNN. The Atlanta-based cable news network is on a roll in the United States, topping Fox News CNN is also on a roll in the United States. For the first time in 15 years, CNN has beaten Fox News

I’ve seen Trump up close, on several occasions. He’s like Elvis in a suit, positively leeches attention. Just try not to stare at his lid. So, yes, I watched a lot of the Republican National Convention over the past week. Here are some observations: That it was held at the Quicken Loans Arena tells you