Yes, we’re still in lockdown; in some places, more locked down then ever. While you’re waiting to get vaccinated, here are five recent shows to search, binge and enjoy: Death to 2020 (Netflix). The folks behind the British mockumentary Black Mirror created this deadpan, cynical, wickedly funny look at the year from Hell. Brilliantly written

Tuesday night, more Canadians turned to CNN to guide them through a long and tense night of presidential election coverage. Many of us went to bed convinced (or hoping) John King was the new president elect. The Atlanta-based all news network drew an average minute audience of 1,546,000 English Canadian viewers over a six hour

The Elephant is in the room: Monday is the start of the Republican National Convention in the United States. It sort of takes place in Charlotte, NC, although this year it is mainly a virtual, on-line event spread over four days. President Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomnation first thing Monday morning and threatens to