John Reardon


“People used to describe us as pot smoking hippies on welfare.” That was Paul Pope, the dean of Newfoundland TV and film production, describing his early days in an industry he helped create. I knew him for one day, but it was memorable, and he told me the secret to making Canadian television. That day

How did the cop and the kanine originally get together on Hudson & Rex? The question is answered Tuesday night as the hour-long drama returns for a third season on Citytv. The episode, titled, “Origin Story,” was explained to me late last year in an interview with John Reardon. He of course plays Det. Charlie

Friday in Toronto, I had a one-on-one with the top dog from the new East Coast detective series Hudson & Rex — Diesel vom Burgimwald. That’s him in the above video, on the left. The magnificent two year old German Shepherd is trained by industry veteran Sherri Davis, who, have to admit, coached him through