The Crown


Despite the impact of the strikes, new content continues to surface on various broadcast and streaming channels — some of it surprisingly good this November. That includes the first half of the sixth and final season of The Crown (above). Check back on a regular basis as this monthly listing will be updated often. UPDATED

Well, it took a week, but the royals or spoils or whatever they’re called now did tease their way to the top spot in the weekly Netflix Top-10 in Canada. Netflix says the series ranked near the top in 85 countries and worldwide totalled 97.71M hours viewed, proving that viewers everywhere just can’t resist a

Have to admit I’m cheered to see Netflix’s Harry & Meghan infomercial docuseries did not immediately vault into the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s most-viewed weekly Top-10 series. The Addams Family spinoff Wednesday continues to haunt the No. 1 spot after three weeks. Meanwhile, another series giving the royal family a royal pain, the fifth

Wednesday, the high school-set series spun off from The Addams Family franchise, continues in the top spot among shows watched this past week in Canada on Netflix. Nice to see, however, a Canadian-born actress among the stars of the show right behind in second: Firefly Lane. Sarah Chalke, the Ottawa-born actress best known for Roseanne

The latest Netflix Top-10 in Canada shows The Crown reigning as the most-watched series on the streaming service for the second week in a row. Opening in third spot is Season Three of Dead to Me, a series that has been delayed due to the pandemic but also by the fragile health of series lead

It discourages me that so many viewers are that interested in serial killer TV shows. I get it: people are fascinated by monsters. Still, do we have to package and market and sell real life serial killers to audiences throughout the world? Does this not, in some ways, celebrate them, or at least raise them

With all the attention on the real royal family, it is no wonder that The Crown has leapt back up into the Top-10 most watched Netflix shows in Canada. The series has seen a renewed popularity all over the world, ranking in the Top-10 in 87 different countries and territories. Cobra Kai‘s fifth season, however,