Valerie Harper


In 2015, PBS aired a Pioneers of Television special saluting Mary Tyler Moore. Much of the special, of course, centred on Moore’s seminal sitcom of the early- to mid-’70s. The series was designed around Moore but the early seasons featured a trio of top TV performers: Moore as “make it on her own” career girl

We all knew Valerie Harper was dying. We knew it when she made her final Television Critics Association press tour appearance over five years ago on January 11, 2014. She was promoting a TV-movie she had shot in Langley, BC, called, “The Town That Came a Courtin’.” News that she was suffering from a form

I can’t quite say hats off to PBS for airing Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration. (Tuesday night at 8 p.m. PT; check local PBS listings). It’s listed as a PBS Pioneers of Television presentation. Having just watched the special on the East Coast, I have to agree with many critics who already pointed out that it

PASADENA, CA–Earlier in the tour, Valerie Harper was here to promote The Town That Came A-Courtin’ on UP. UP (“Uplifting Entertainment”) is a new, Hallmark-y U.S. cable channel and it’s also where Harper is these days despite her grim lung cancer diagnosis of less than a year ago.The reason the 74-year-old is so positive is