Global’s new Nurses (l-r): Natasha Calis, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, TIera Skovbye, Donald MacLean, Jr. & Sandy Sidhu

Paging Doctor television! Is there a surge in Canadian-made medical shows? I argue yes in a feature I wrote appearing in today’s Toronto Star.

Fact is, after years of ratings dominance by No. 1 hit The Big Bang Theory, The Good Doctor, as seen on CTV, is now the No. 1 series in Canada. Other medical imports, such as New Amsterdam and 16-year-old Grey’s Anatomy, are also in the Canadian Top 5.

The trend seems to be continuing — at least in terms of single word titled medical shows — with the premiere of Nurses on Global. The Mississauga-based production, following the adventures of five rookie nurses, premiered last Monday. It did well in overnights and is sure to crack a million viewers once the Live+7 totals come out. As well, another Canadian drama with a medical spin, CBC’s Coroner, returned for a second season Monday and was Canada’s top-rated homegrown rookie last season.

A third medical series, Transplant, makes the scene later this season. Shot in Montreal but set in Toronto, the CTV original will be about a Syrian refugee (played by Hamza Haq from The Indian Detective) who eventually scrubs his way back into an OR at fictional York Memorial hospital.

Imagine: Montreal filling in for Toronto. That’s a switch; Canadian productions are usually covering up street and traffic signs to double for some American metropolis.

Read more about the healthy growth in Canadian medical shows here in Friday’s Toronto Star.


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