You know her now as Jann Arden’s (usually) more sensible sister Max on the shot-in-Calgary comedy JANN (Mondays on CTV). Zoie Palmer, however, already had a huge sci-fi following from her five seasons on the showcase fantasy series Lost Girl (2010-2015).

Her character, Dr. Lauren Lewis, had a relationship with leather-clad succubus Bo (Anna Silk) that caught the eye of editors at CNN. In 2013, they named the pair one of their favourite TV couples, past and present.

“It was really lightening in a bottle,” Palmer says of her years on Los Girl. “I think we were all really proud to be on it and I think the messages on the show were really cool.”

Hear more from Palmer on that series as well as her work on other shows such as The Guard and Dark Matter as well as working opposite Christina Lahti in the 2003 Showtime feature “Out of the Ashes.” It’s all in the latest episode of the podcast, up now on Spotify, Apple, Google, Sticher and many other podcast platforms.

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