The Amazing Race Canada was solidly in first place again as Canada’s most-watched broadcast network series the week of July 11-17. It was one of several reality competition series in Numeris’s weekly Top-30 tally of Canadians ages 2+ as calculated over Live+7 day viewing.

Citytv’s simulcast of America’s Got Talent and two episodes of Big Brother, simulcast on Global, also cracked the Top-10, as did CTV’s pickup of Masterchef. Add in the average audience for six Toronto Blue Jays games plus newscasts and the top-rated scripted series, Departure on Global and you have the Top-10 most-watched shows of the week:

  1. The Amazing Race Canada (CTV) Tues 1,589,000
  2. CTV Evening News (CTV) MTWTF 1,243,000
  3. America’s Got Talent (Citytv) Tues 1,043,000
  4. Big Brother (Global) Sun 989,000
  5. Baseball: Blue Jays (Sportsnet National) TWTFSS 986,000
  6. Big Brother (Global) Thurs 901,000
  7. Masterchef (CTV) Wed 881,000
  8. CTV Evening News Weekend (CTV) Sat, Sun 875,000
  9. CTV National News (CTV) MTWTFSS 822,000
  10. Departure (Global) Wed 667,000

Other show rankings of note for the week: Jeopardy! sat just outside the Top-10 in 11th and 13th spots with 640,000 and 611,000 estimated viewers. A third night of Big Brother was in 21st place on Wednesdays with 523,000 watching. Stunt shows Holey Moley (17/567,000), Dancing with Myself (25/473,000), both CTV simulcasts, are doing as expected; others, such as $100,000 Pyramid, failed to make the national Top-30.

TSN’s average of three weekend football games drew 460,000 for a 26th place finish. CBC clung to the Top 30 with The Great British Baking Show (27/459,000) as did History with Alone (29/450,000).

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