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There’s a new recruit joining John Krasinski as Jack Ryan sets out for a second tour of duty — and he’s from Canada. Allan Hawco, the former Republic of Doyle star last seen on Caught and Frontier, plays an elite forces team member code-named “Coyote.” And, yes, that’s a damn cool character name, agrees Hawco.

This week, Disney announced that their much anticipated new streaming service, Disney Plus, will launch in November in the United States. It’s priced to entice even the most ardent Netflix supporter, with the entire suite of Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN all bundled at US$12.99. Disney aims to be consumers’ top choice as viewers continue

Earlier this week I spoke with CHML’s afternoon host Scott Thompson about Disney’s US$71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox, an entertainment industry power move that took two years to finalize. Besides the movie division and access to films such as “Avatar,” “Titanic” and “Deadpool,” Fox’s TV holdings are vast and international. They include Twentieth

Where is the home of American Gods? Why, in and around Toronto, of course. Not talking about Toronto Maple Leafs’ American born star Austin Matthews, or the Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard. No, the subject here is American Gods, the epic fantasy fable adapted by Neil Gaiman’s best-selling novel. It returns for a second season Sunday night

Spotting network executives at TCA press tour sessions is getting so rare, especially in winter, they may soon wind up on the side of milk cartons. There was speculation at the Langham this week that the person inside the full body gila monster suit who stood silently (and briefly) besides the panel members for the