Barbara Williams


CBC could have called Wednesday’s virtual 2022-2023 presentation, This Upfront Has 27 Minutes. Hosted by Andrew Phung from Run the Burbs and Kim’s Convenience (above), the public broadcaster’s sizzle reel was heavy on clips and light on talking heads. Phung promised “thrills and chills” and then gave way to the networks’ Executive Vice President, Barbara

Barbara Williams, CBC’s Executive Vice-President, announced Friday that the public broadcaster was stepping up its committment to advance equity and representation. Effective immediately, CBC will require that at least 30 per cent of all key creative roles on any new original scripted or unscripted content will be held by producers who self-identify as indigenous, Black/and/or

Further proof that the Canadian television gravy train has stopped running: Corus announced Wednesday morning that COO and EVP Barbara Williams is retiring. This announcement comes on the heels of the departure of another top-ranking Canadian private network official: Sportsnet President Scott Moore. Williams enjoyed a long and profitable run as the chief show fetcher

Wednesday in Toronto, Jay Switzer was remembered by his family and many friends in the TV business for being both the “Yoda of Canadian television” and the mensch of all media. The Hollywood Suite co-founder and former CHUM/City broadcast executive would have loved the party his pals threw for him at the Four Seasons hotel.

Thursday in Toronto Corus hosted the third leg of the Canadian private network Triple Crown. Front and centre at Thursday’s Corus upfront was EVP and COO Barb Williams. The savvy network executive has had a Tartikoff-like ride in the TV game, making tons of money for her company although never exactly the poster child for Canadian TV

The boldest moves of the just-concluded Canadian network television upfront week in Toronto? It may have been the moves Bell Media boss Kevin Crull made on stage Thursday at the Sony Centre. Crull exploded the image of Bell execs as staid number crunchers by suddenly turning into Ryan Seacrest. He began as a three-dimensional hologram

Despite all the talk about PVRing and streaming and on-demand, the TV game–when it comes down to eyeballs and ad dollars–is still a lot about scheduling. Take Wednesday’s Shaw Media 2014-15 fall season announcements in Toronto. Shaw Media Executive Vice President Barbara Williams did her usual presentation for the press Wednesday morning, leading with Shaw’s