“What did Rudolph do? He saved capitalism! Kids got their presents. Can you imagine? The very idea that we won’t get our loot, our gifts, and there’ll be no Black Fridays—O my God!” That was Paul Soles, putting it all in perspective, when I spoke to him last week about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Fifty

This glorious Larry Fritz illustration graced the cover of TV Guide for the week of December 24, 1955. That was back when signals were pulled in from all over on rooftop antennas–for free. To all who visit this site, Merry Christmas. Thanks to my clever daughter Katie and her very practical Christmas gift, you can

Lucy! You’re in colour!! You’ve got some splainin’ to do!! That’s what Ricky Ricardo might say if he tuned in to Friday night’s hour-long CBS salute to I Love Lucy. It begins at 8 p.m. Two episodes from the classic sitcom have been colourized and combined: the “Christmas Episode,” which has only been seen a few

Ever wanted to make your own Fox network Christmas card? Now you can with this handy little app, send to critics this week via email. You can choose which Fox stars you want to party with om your card. I chose all the Canadians, ‘natch.This gift of festive cheer follows a terrible bit of timing

The Beatles celebrate Merry Gimble, circa 1965. Photo from the vast Beatles archives of Bill Harris, who points out that the crappy tree in the background was probably slapped together in two minutes by roadie Mal Evans “with some stuff he found in a closet at Abbey Road”

It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas. People in Toronto aren’t out shopping for T-shirts–they’re wearing them. It’s such a green Christmas, I don’t know whether to trim the tree or cut the grass.Thank goodness It’s a Wonderful Life is on tonight at 8 p.m. (NBC and CTV). I used to borrow a 16mm print of this

Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for the TV fan in your family? I offered several suggestions, mainly DVD box sets and books, in a story for The Canadian Press this week. You can read that entire story here.Among the DVD sets I single out is Shout Factory’s Mr Magoo–The Television Collection (1960-1977). The nearsighted cartoon