Fred Rogers


I’m a bit late posting this, but if you’re a fan of the PBS animated children’s series Arthur, you can catch up on-line. After a 25-year, 250-episode run, four final episodes featuring the young aardvark and his pals from Third Grade aired this past Monday on PBS. In a unique twist, the final half-hour casts

Rod Coneybeare, the puppeteer and CBC radio host who brought Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the giraffe so vividly to life over 24 season of The Friendly Giant, has gone to the big castle in the sky. He passed away last Thursday in Lindsay, Ontario. He was 89. The CBC children’s classic, which ran weekday

Twenty years ago, when my young adults were  young children, Sharon, Lois & Bram were superstars. Because I worked at TV Guide at the time, the children’s entertainers were also on my radar thanks to their very successful TV ventures, The Elephant Show and Skinamarink TV. Eric Nagler and Fred Penner were frequent guests. It

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood this morning as PBS hosted a breakfast for early risers at the TCA press tour. On each table were several machine washable coffee thermos, compete with a little red knit sweater–just like Mister Rogers used to wear, only shrunk. Fred Rogers died in 2003 at