There are still people, I guess, who only watch TV the old, traditional way — broadcast network television. Hey, I get it — it is more affordable. Mainly though, it is familiar and therefore, in a world that keeps changing at a faster and dizzier pace, more comfortable. Plus, all you lousy 30- or 40-something

At this time of year, Canadian broadcasters have traditionally ramped up the ballyhoo with breathless releases about all the fabulous new shows they’re importing for the coming season. The phrases most often used to achieve this are “most talked-about acquisition,” and, wait for it, “buzzworthy.” On Wednesday in Toronto at Corus Entertainment’s first post-COVID in-person

What’s the No. 1 TV series in Canada–among viewers who are visually impaired? It’s not a new show, it’s not even from this century–it’s Matlock. The folksy law drama, which revived the career of Andy Griffith, ran from 1986 to ’95, with all but the last season on NBC. It’s still a big draw according to the

Sunday’s 103rd Grey Cup game drew an overnight, estimated audience of over four million viewers on TSN. Some of those viewers, however, never saw the winning Edmonton Eskimos run a single play. That’s because about 25,000 people followed the game with audible descriptions as provided by Accessible Media, Inc. AMI-TV is a Toronto-based digital cable specialty

Billy Bob Thornton brings menace to FXX’s Fargo Fargo, which premieres Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on FX and FXX Canada, is not Billy Bob Thornton’s first time at the TV rodeo. That came many years ago, before the 58-year-old writer/director/actor won an Oscar and other accolades for playing a string of memorable screen characters

PASADENA, CA–Billy Bob Thornton a pussycat?Yes, and a big fan of Canada, too. That 2009 CBC Radio One skirmish with Q host Jian Ghomeshi? Forget it, says Thornton, who suggested, off the record, that there were two sides to that story. “I love Canada, have always loved working all across Canada,” he says.The Oscar winner