Screen-Shot-2014-11-03-at-3.54.52-PMThis was a quieter than usual week, with some reruns slotted in as the U.S. networks headed into the November sweeps. The numbers below are overnight estimates for the week of November 3 to 9, adults 2+.


Gotham remains bat-strong drawing 1,690,000 in the overnights. I’m guessing the next two were repeats on CTV: Law & Order SVU (700,000) and Castle (816,000). Global had a typical Monday night starting with NCIS Los Angeles (1,353,000), dipping to 768,000 with extra Sleepy Hollow and bumping up to 1,380,000 for The Blacklist.

The 100th episode of Murdoch Mysteries had 1,181,000 guests attend the wedding of William and Julia. Strange Empire followed with an overnight audience of 293,000. City opened with comedies 2 Broke Girls (585,000) and Package Deal (170,000). CBS import Scorpion did 1,124,000 at 9 p.m. Over on CTV2, 745,000 heard The Voice. Another 352,000 found Dancing with the Stars hidden way over on M3.

In Specialty, Canada’s Worst Driver drove off with 361,000 on Discovery. The World Wars connected on History drawing 334,000 and 345,000 Monday. The big upset in sports: WWE Raw on Sportsnet 360 (364,000) outdrew a game between Indianapolis and the Giants on Monday Night Football on TSN 334,000 and an NHL game between St. Louis and the Rangers (228,000).



CTV did something interesting, slotting the broadcast network premiere of The Hunger Games into a week of repeats. The rather retro programming move worked, with 1,581,000 viewers tuning in. Global, by comparison, stuck with reruns and saw diminished returns for NCIS: Los Angeles 757,000, NCIS (843,000) and Chicago PD (657,000).

On the other hand, airing opposite reruns gave The Mercer Report (828,000) and This Hour Has 22 Minutes (711,000) a boost over the previous week. Viewers were also probably curious to see how or if 22 Minutes would handle the on-going Jian Ghomeshi story. It did, sort of, with a skit featuring Cathy Jones as Mrs. Enid). The Honourable Woman at 9 (226,000) got little lift from Ghomeshi; make your own joke here.

City got a bigger than average lift from Bachelor Canada (450,000). New Girl (270,000) and The Mindy Project (281,000) better be making it up on the PVR and streaming end. CTV2 drew another 388,000 with a results show from The Voice and 346,000 with Masterchef Jr. In Specialty, Discovery found 681,000 on the Highway Thru Hell with 526,000 sticking around for the Gold Rush. In sports, TSN scored 190,000 Jets fans with their regional NHL coverage.


Hump Day remains solid for CTV with The Arrow (1,494,000) leading into Criminal Minds (1,952,000) and then Grey’s Anatomy 1,145,000). Are people finally getting tired of Survivor? 1,704,000 overnight San Juan viewers says no. Chicago PD (519,000) and heinous newcomer Stalker (1,072,000) followed on Global.City scored 935,000 viewers with the Country Music Awards. CBC did about average this season for both Dragon’s Den (804,000) and Republic of Doyle (579,000). Over on CTV2, The Mysteries of Laura (604,000) and Law & Order SVU (525,000) remain stubbornly on the schedule.

Specialty saw typical returns for the Ice Road Truckers (410,000) and a final season episode of Ice Pilots NWT (181,000). Sportsnet scored 455,000 viewers with NHL hockey and TSN netted 288,000 with a Raptor’s NBA game against the Celtics.


The Big Bang Theory remains solidly No. 1 in Canada with 3,573,000 overnight viewers.More than two-thirds vamoose for The Millers (1,176,000). Two and a Half Men (1,561,000) goes back up; The McCarthys goes back down (1,074,000). How to Get Away with Murder closes CTV’s night with 1,238,000.

There are still plenty of Bones fans out there on Global (1,515,000). Gracepoint dwindles to 740,000. Elementary drew 1,135,000 at 10. City went Mom 734,000, Scandal 440,000, so mom wins. CBC did OK with The Nature of Things (404,000) and Doc Zone (332,000). The same 18-34-year-olds watched The Vampire Diaries (260,000) and Reign (204,000) on CTV2. In sports, TSN’s NHL Leafs Hockey features Toronto at Colorado (522,000). Tons of regional hockey coverage on Sportsnet, including Edmonton at Boston (203,000) and Vancouver at San Jose (304,000). NFL Thursday Night Football fetched 317,000.


The Amazing Race is running out of steam Fridays on CTV (1,452,000). Grimm followed with 777,000; Blue Bloods did 1,651,000 at 10. Global opened with About a Boy (251,000) followed by Marry Me (276,000). Hawaii FIVE-0 surfed to 1,274,000. Constantine did 476,000 at 10. CBC’s Marketplace (489,000), Mercer 2.0 (428,000) and fifth estate (522,000) did just okay. Shark Tank bit into 423,000 on CTV2.

Friday in CFL action, Calgary vs. B.C. tackled 495,000.


How is this Rogers hockey thing working out? Hockey Night in Canada‘s early game between Toronto and the Rangers drew 1,324,000 overnight CBC viewers. The late Canucks/Kings game did 716,000. City found another 551,000 Habs fans for a tilt vs. Minny. Sportsnet East scored another 357,000 for a Winnipeg/Ottawa game. Meanwhile, TSN went deep with two CFL football games: Montreal vs. Hamilton (727,000) and Edmonton/Saskatchewan (967,000).

In late night, Saturday Night Live had 425,000 laughing on Global.


For the first time since Week One, Global’s Madam Secretary (1,457,000) beat CTV’s Once Upon a Time (1,415,000) Sunday at 8. All the Global Sundays shows were up, including The Good Wife (1,175,000), The Simpsons (557,000) and Family Guy (483,000). City was also up on the night thanks to a Leafs game on Hometown Hockey. A later Vancouver/Anaheim game drew 660,000.

CTV was down past OUAT with reruns of Resurrection (699,000) and Criminal Minds (834,000). CBC began the night strong with Heartland at 7 (1,023,000). Canada’s Smartest Person (525,000) and the buzz-less import Janet King (205,000). The NFL Sunday Night Football game between Green Bay and Chicago was no ratings blow out in Canada with 357,000 fans.

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