The overnight, estimated numbers are in on Tuesdays’ Game 7 overtime victory by the St. Louis Blues over the Dallas Stars. After the low Stanley Cup playoffs round 2 returns in my most recent post, time to share some better Rogers ratings news.

Wednesday’s NHL game drew an overnight,estimated 1,130,000 English Canada viewers watching on the full CBC network.

The bad news is that the Sportsnet National window on the same game was half closed. An estimated 333,000 watched the last hour or so of the NHL game there. That was due to the fact that viewers had to wait until the Raptors’ game was over before catching up with the hockey game in progress. Toronto’s Game 5 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers soared to 1,333,000 overnight, estimated viewers on Sportsnet — a new high for B-Ball coverage this playoff season.

All the action on Sportsnet impacted TSN, which saw very low returns in prime, including 87,000 tuning in for a Portland-Denver NBA playoff game.

Among broadcasters, Global had a bigger night than any of the playoff contenders with their usual lineup of imported procedurals, including NCIS (1,507,000), FBI (1,221,000) and New Amsterdam (1,278,000).

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