Bill Lawrence


For many young Canadians growing up in southern Ontario and western New York in the early days of television he was simply known as “Uncle Bill.” Bill Lawrence, the original host of CHCH’s Tiny Talent Time, suffered a heart attack and passed away Friday, July 14. He was 91. For decades, Lawrence was a very

AppleTV+ announced Thursday that they’ve renewed Shrinking for a second season — making this a good time to post a review of the series. The eighth (out of 10) first season episode premieres Friday. First up, full disclosure: I tend to like just about anything with a Bill Lawrence connection. This dates back to the

Sure, barriers are coming down and people are taking tentative steps back into stores and restaurants — maybe even schools. Still, a lot of us are continuing to stay close to the couch. What should we be watching on TV? Check my recent reviews on the excellent British documentary “My Generation,” hosted by Michael Caine,

Bill Lawrence was pretty much there when television began in Canada. The CHCH legend was spinning great stories about the early days as we met on the set of the Tiny Talent Time revival. The series is back Saturdays at 7 p.m. on CHCH, repeating Sundays at 5 p.m. Now in his eighties, the always

Thursday I took a hike west along the QEW to interview the folks behind the revival of Tiny Talent Time. A staple of CHCH in Hamilton, the original kiddie show aired from 1957 to 1992–35 years. If you’re old enough to remember the theme song (“This is the end of our show…”), you may have

I was just exiting the CHCH news studio Tuesday morning after my Emmy report on Morning Live (you can watch here) when who did I run into but “Uncle Bill.” That would be Bill Lawrence to those of us who grew up in the GTA and remember Lawrence from his many years as a ‘CH weatherman