Breaking Bad


This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to talk about how Netflix has changed the TV landscape. ‘Course, Scott finds Netflix invaluable as he catches up with shows such as Breaking Bad. (Spoiler alert: he finally saw the finale.). We talk about how savvy cable networks like FX have also broken free of the old network

These end-of-year lists of best and worst TV shows are so arbitrary and dumb. They do make for speedy blog posts, however. Follow this link to mine, as written for The Canadian Press.Breaking Bad, of course, is my pick and just about everyone else’s as show of the year. The finale lived up to the

The North Poll isn’t the only poll sticking out these days. Everybody seems to be making with their annual best and worst TV show lists of the past year.The folks at HitFix, home of Alan Sepinwall, asked me to participate in their Second Annual Television Critics’ Poll. Fifty-three critics took part. Everybody was asked to

Way back in the early ’50s, when CBC first began broadcasting NHL games on Hockey Night in Canada, a friendly service station dealer would greet viewers between periods.He was played, for 16 years, by Murray Westgate. The man became an iconic figure in Canadian television, mainly thanks to these ads.I spotted a few tweets yesterday

Blades battlers Shae Lynn Bourne and Anson Carter Remember the CBC? The Canadian public broadcaster has coasted along with reruns since around the time the Leafs were eliminated from the Stanley Cup. No network can afford to take the summer off anymore but that’s exactly what CBC did.  With the surprise exit of former programming

Bryan Cranston finds a moment of peace in a Volvo SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SERIES FINALE OF BREAKING BAD. As Jesse would say, good luck dodging all the other spoilers already out there, Bitch! How fitting that it all ended with Breaking Badfinger.Sunday’s riveting–if you  could

For the past month I’ve been joining Arlene Byson on SiriusXM’s “Canada Talks” for a weekly chat about what’s new in television. This Monday, Arlene (right) wondered if groundbreaking shows such as Breaking Bad are chipping away at broadcast network ratings.There is no doubt that Walter White and Company have had an impact. One look at

All Bad things, as the campaign goes, must come to an end.Sunday night, AMC airs the first of eight final episodes of Breaking Bad (9/8c). Walter White, it would seem, is heading for that big drug bust in the sky.Leave it to Bryan Cranston, then, to cut the tension at the summer press tour late