Lily Tomlin


The brioux.tv August calendar page has been updated to include, among other things, tonight’s surprise addition of four new episodes of Grace & Frankie. Production on the comedy, which is entering its seventh and final season, has been delayed due to safety protocols during the pandemic. No sense putting stars Jane Fonda, 83, and Lily

Lily Tomlin doesn’t see herself as a trailblazer. Suggest that the Grace and Frankie star, back with Jane Fonda for a second season on Netflix, is out in front of a mini-trend featuring elderly LGBT characters on TV and she just shrugs. “I think what’s important,” she said last January in Pasadena at the winter TCA

There was a time when all you had to do was cup your ear and, before you even spoke, everybody knew you were doing a Gary Owens impression. The man with that unmistakable announcer’s voice died Friday at 80. Owens was already a seasoned radio hand when he became a TV star—along with Goldie Hawn,

Who doesn’t love Lily Tomlin? She’s one of my favourite phone interviews, always warm and friendly and in the moment, so unlike her famous Laugh-In alter-ego Ernestine. There’s always a gracious good afternoon with Lily, no, “One-ringadingy, two ringadingy…” Caught up with her last week to get the details on her live appearance Friday north of