Serinda Swan


A quick update on yesterday’s news that Coroner is no longer part of the CBC schedule. Publicist Tanya Koivusalo reached out to tell me that there are still, “ongoing conversations happening” as to the future of the series. CBC General Manager, Entertainment, Sally Catto, released the following statement: “Serinda Swan has made the decision to

Like every actor on every series these days, Serinda Swan, who plays Jenny Cooper on Coroner, wore masks, shields and “bunny suits” in order to safely shoot scenes through this pandemic.  COVID is very much part of the storyline this third shot-in-Toronto season, which premieres Wednesday on CBC. The first episode back begins with an investigation

With American network schedules on life support this summer, time to bring in the Coroner. The COVID pandemic has shut down production on many shows, and forced networks to push other series returns back until the fall. Usually exclusively in the export business, American networks have had to up their imports, including a reach across

A director once told Roger Cross — who currently co-stars opposite Serinda Swan on the hit CBC drama Coroner — that the studio felt his character simply wasn’t “black enough.” Cross got the implied message — play it more “LA street.” The director quickly found out — as you’ll hear on Episode 9 of BriouxTV: The Podcast — that

Swan and McLaren of Graceland Elvis has left the building. In fact, he was never in the building, or at least on the set, of Graceland. The series premieres Thursday night on Bravo and USA Network.Graceland is the name of a cool beach house in Malibu that is home to a gaggle of good looking