If you’re a political junkie, tonight on TV is a scheduling mess. There are two town halls on opposite each other on separate channels. It’s like a super spreader, Thursday night, Must See voteapalooza. A divided nation can choose to either watch Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos moderating a town hall with former vice president

I was more skeptical than Yosemite Sam on a riverboat when I heard the recently launched streaming service HBO Max was offering a new generation of Warner Bros. cartoons. Having grown up on a steady diet of original, theatrical Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, a staple of children’s viewing on television in the ’60s and

It’s a very simple recipe: take a celebrity. Put them in the kitchen. Add a remote chef. Stir interested. It’s been tried a lot lately, especially during these times of shooting around social distancing. There are YouTube channels featuring the likes of Paris Hilton and even Kiefer Sutherland pulling meals together while cameras roll. You

Another month, another 30 days shuffling through hundreds of titles and trailers in search of content to carry you through a crisis (or two). Here is the latest brioux.tv pandemic picks: Ramy (Netflix). I came late to the first season of this series, which stars stand-up comedian and Golden Globe award-winning actor Ramy Youssef. He

With one more full week left in May, here’s a re-cap of premieres and other highlights as networks and streaming services (including a brand new one in HBO Max) pivot towards spring and summer programming: MONDAY MAY 25 Barkskins (Nat Geo). This eight-part miniseries spanning 300 years is based on the 2016 novel by Annie Proulx.