This Week’s Podcast: Bloody Spartacus Rant –

This week’s CHML podcast finds me still spitting blood over Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The graphic comic book adventure (airing Fridays in Canada on TMN/Movie Central and Mondays on Starz in the U.S.) stars John Hannah and Lucy Lawless (right) and buckets and buckets of blood. CHML’s Scott Thompson seems amused at the cheeky salute to Kirk Douglas on the set. (It involves a modesty sack worn by male cast members over their members.) Douglas starred as the Roma slave Spartacus in the 1960 feature film directed by StanleyKubrick.
There’s also some talk of the cat fight between guest judge Katy Perry and Karla Whatshername on American Idol Tuesday night. Like to see that in the Spartacus arena. Scott also thinks Jay Leno is coasting through these last few 10 p.m. NBC shows. Me thinks he’s been coasting since September. You can listen in here.


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