CHML’s Scott Thompson wants to know if anybody is watching anything on TV other than the Olympics. The answer is no–even mighty American Idol lost in its timeslot in the U.S. for the first time ever last Wednesday opposite NBC’s coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games. Idol rebounded Tuesday night, however, with a two hour edition on Fox beating NBC’s Games by about 24 million to 21.2 million. In Canada it’s no contest, with Idol buried over on CTV’s witness protection program, the a.k.a. A channel.
Scott is surprised that the Games are such a bit hit in the U.S. but look at the medal standings. America loves a winner, especially when it is America.
There are some familiar faces on NBC’s coverage for Canadian viewers checking in on border stations. The grandpa Simpson guy from CBC’s Battle of the Blades, Dick Button (right with Dorothy Hamil) is part of NBC’s figure skating team.
Scott also asks about NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s posturing that the NHL may not allow players to participate in the 2014 games in Russia. With U.S. viewers watching hockey in record numbers, even buried on MSNBC, look for the American network carrying those games to have something to say about that.
Listen here to the entire podcast.

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