I think I’m starting to see how CHML’s Scott Thompson does this. He reads my postings here and then he gets me all stirred up about stuff I wrote. Like the Canadian private network upfronts, which took place last week in Toronto. Why aren’t there more new Canadian scripted shows on Global, Roger and CTV next fall, asks Scott. Exactly.
We linger over the dismal ratings Monday for Hiccups and Dan For Mayor. Have to admit I was rooting for those two, especially Dan. Been to the set, lovely folks over there, everybody does great work. Still, for whatever reason, not everything smart people do on TV connects with the great unwashed. A U.S. network might have looked at the sharp fall off in the ratings and cut their losses. CTV, in my estimation, erred on the side of CanCon in renewing both shows.
The task ahead, however, seems very challenging. It wasn’t like CTV didn’t paper the town with billboards and bus shelters in January featuring the likable Canadian stars they kept front and centre for six years, Fred Ewanuick (right), Nancy Robertson and Brent Butt. You could argue that may have been part of the problem–people took one look and were expecting a new hour of Corner Gas–but the word got out and the shows were sampled (and can still be sampled with new episodes airing all month).
The network will have to ask viewers to give these comedies a second chance when they return sometime in 2011. Dan will either be mayor by then or be running for something else (we’ll find out in the season finale, airing Monday, June 28). The producers have built in an opportunity to completely re-launch the series, which may be the winning ticket for Dan.
Guys like me will write new stories saying check them out again. It all starts sounding like eat your vegetables after a while, as anyone associated with Arrested Development can attest.
Scott gets me to vent about other stuff, too, including CTV marooning Conan at 1 a.m. That`s past Andy Richter`s bedtime! You can listen in here.

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