In Tuesday night’s Ninth season premiere, the ten teams take off from the starting line in Winnipeg, Man. First stop is Calgary and on and on across Canada. But why is the episode titled, “I Hate Pancakes?” Who hates pancakes?? It was still a bit wintery last April/May when the race was run. There’s snow

A couple of Mondays ago, CTV launched Battle of the Generations. Billed as a “nostalgia-packed quiz show,” it features four contestants per episode, each representing a particular generation: Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial or Gen Z. Basically it is Trivial Pursuit for the whole family, from the kids to the grandparents. Therein lies the appeal:

Bell Media scored a major win Sunday with their coverage of the Rhianna concert, aka Super Bowl LVII. A live, overnight tally of 7.4 million viewers plus saw the big game on CTV while another 1.744,000 watched on TSN for an english language broadcast and specialty total of roughly 9.15 million viewers. Factor in those