Sherri Woodstock

Spread the word–celebrate the memory of Sherri Wood this summer at a music festival held in her honor. Call it Sherri Woodstock.That was one idea pitched today at services for Wood, who died last Monday after a brave battle with brain cancer. She was not yet 29 years old.Wood wrote concert listings and covered breakout… Read on

Zucker’s Zingers Come Before A Fall Launch

Deadline Hollywood Daily’s Nikki Finke asks “Has NBC Uni’s Jeff Zucker Lost His Mind?” is response to this promotional spot for the return of My Name Is Earl, embedded below. Finke, who’s site became “Must See” during the writers strike, strongly objects to a few pot shots Zucker makes at scribes in the teaser. I… Read on

Sherri Sunshine

For a few short, wonderful years, Sherri Wood sat directly in front of me at the Toronto Sun. Between us were two computer monitors and about 20 years. Both occasionally got in the way, but neither was really much of an obstacle. I was always more interested in reading her face than anything on my… Read on

The Baron: A Salute From The Outside Lane

Although I worked at The Toronto Sun for seven years, I never got to know the late, great George Gross. I’m sorry about that now, especially after reading the many tributes pouring in after his death from a heart attack this past Friday morning.The internationally renown sports editor was 85. You can read many memories… Read on

More Fun With Satellite Feeds

More behind the scenes “Found Objects” fun over at Harry Shearer’s My Damn Channel. The featured players this time are Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Katie Couric and Chris Matthews, all primping, grousing and chewing gum between takes. Check out O’Reilly working his Fox News vanity mirror. It should come with a warning–“Egos in mirror are… Read on

Can Sophie Survive Survivor?

Did CBC jump the gun on that Sophie renewal?Ever since CBC announced they were picking up two of their four January starts, Sophie and The Border, the rookie comedy series, starring Mimi Kuzyk and Natalie Brown, has been sinking like a rock.This Wednesday it was down to 290,000 viewers. That’s a 99,000 drop from the… Read on

Global Keeps Its Guard Up

Global announced today that it is renewing three of its rookie shows: The Guard, ‘Da Kink In My Hair and the summer series The Best Years. Hey, the more Canadian shows the better, jobs are jobs and this news keeps people working in Vancouver and Toronto. But Global’s release suggests that these renewals are “based… Read on

Obama Talks The Talk

This week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson gets into the best reality show on television right now–the U.S. presidential primary elections. Listen to our conversation here.The jumping off point this week is the pivotal speech Barack Obama made in Philadelphia yesterday. Obama addressed race the way John F. Kennedy dealt with his Catholicism in 1960,… Read on