Partners a summer secret

Grammer and Lawrence star in Partners

You`d think a new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence would get more promotion than a Rob Ford picnic. That doesn`t seem to be the case, however, as Partners gets set to debut Monday on FX and Thursday in Canada on Global.

Neither network appears to be spending a dime on promotion and good luck getting an advance screener. There`s already more of a stink on this than a week-old burrito.

The series pairs Lawrence and Grammer as Odd Couple-like lawyers. Plenty ò hi-jinx ensue, no doubt. It is a studio multi-cam, shot before a live audience, and one of those new 10-100 deals. No pilot, but if the first ten reach a certain ratings mark, an order for 90 more automatically kicks in. It`s the same sweet deal Charlie Sheen used to keep on Winning.

With so little promotion, however, you`d almost think the networks are hoping these Partners go 10-and-out.

I ganged up on Grammer with the Toronto Sun`s Bill Harris at the Fox party during the recent TCA critics tour. The two of us had a great time talking to Grammer, in a buoyant, whatever happens, happens, mood. At 59, with one child at home and a new baby due any day, the dude just seemed happy to be out of the house. You can hear his take on Partners, The Simpsons and life in general here at this link to a feature I wrote this week for The Canadian Press.

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