Answer: What is Jeopardy?
Question: What CBC show crashed through the one million viewer mark twice last week? The supper time quiz show drew 1,025,000 viewers Monday and 1,044,000 Wednesday the week of Nov. 3-9 according to BBM NMR overnight data.
Here’s how some other CBC series did last week: Hockey Night in Canada, featuring a battle between traditional rivals Toronto and Montreal, scored 1,542,000 viewers last Saturday night. The Rick Mercer Report, opposite U.S. presidential election returns, drew 843,000 last Tuesday night. Air Farce Final Flight, still stubbornly resilient, drew 728,000, The Tudors, 652,000, The Border, 643,000, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, 631,000, Dragon’s Den, 617,000, Doctor Who, 547,000, Doc Zone, 515,000, Little Mosque, 514,000, Nature of Things, 455,000, Heartland, 430,000, fifth estate, 289,000 and dead last–below MVP and jPod numbers–poor Sophie at 251,000 viewers.
On the private networks, So You Think You Can Dance Canada on CTV waltzed off with 1,375,000 viewers (another 823,000 checked the results show Thursday). Corner Gas drew a below average 954,000, but, as a few readers have already corrected, that was for a repeat. A Saturday Night Live pre-election comedy special airing opposite on Global and drawing 1,092,000, probably siphoned off Gas viewers. Global’s The Guard was up slightly to 440,000. Even though it was up week-to-week, Degrassi still clocked in with CTV’s worst numbers of the week, pulling 401,000.
CTV had four of Canada’s top five imported (and, as usual, overall) shows of the week. The Top-5 were: Grey’s Anatomy (No. 1 at 2,219,000, down slightly from the week before), Desperate Housewives (2,050,000), CSI: NY (1,949,000), Global’s Survivor Gabon (1,946,000) and CSI: Miami (1,822,000).
Meanwhile, in the States, look for My Own Worst Enemy to be quickly canceled: it pulled just 4.25 million viewers on NBC last night. More alarming for that network (and Global in Canada) is the collapse of Heroes, which sunk to a series low last night, drawing just 7.82 million U.S. viewers. Forget save the cheerleader–save this series!


  1. Corner Gas went below 1 million at least once before – I think just once before – last April. Not a bad track record when that stands out, though.

  2. Hey Bill – Corner Gas on Nov. 3 was a repeat. It’s million-plus record still stands for original episodes. Each of the 92 original episodes that have aired have never delivered less than one million viewers.


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