You’d think the Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and all those other A-list acts would have boosted the MuchMusic Video Awards to a record high. But just 368,000 tuned in Sunday night at 9 p.m. on MuchMusic. Maybe they should have worked thagt Perez Hilton clubbing into the show.
Three hundred thousand-plus is a big number in specialty but not as high as the MMVA‘s have hit in other years. Sunday’s red carpet show drew 219,000 according to BBM overnight commercial estimates.
CBC stole some of those viewers with their Happy Gilmore movie (801,000). Merlin also opened strong on CTV, conjuring up 1,103,000 commercial. Global’s Family Guy scored 621,000 viewers across Canada. Even a rerun of Cold Case on A channel (476,000) beat the MMVAs, as did the final round of golf’s U.S. open on TSN (423,000)–and none of those golfers shot sparklers out of their bras.
Other Canadian TV numbers from the weekend: CTV’s Spectacle drew 351,000 Friday. And look at how low CBC slumps on a Saturday night without hockey: a reruns of The Week The Women Went fell to 168,000, followed by just 68,000 across Canada for a rerun of Da Vinci’s City Hall. That was followed at 10 with an airing of long gone Intelligence, which found just 120,000 takers. Not that the private networks fared any better on a Saturday night: CTV got just 201,000 for a Saturday movie while Global struck out with Healthy Ever After (115,000) and Doc (119,000). More people lived in Brampton in the ’70s. Summer is here and the sets are being turned off.

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  1. Odd that CTV wouldn’t simulcast the show and thereby guaranteeing it an audience of at least 1 million I’d guess.

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