Glee seems to be dancing in two different directions depending on where you watch it.
In Canada Tuesday night, the high school musical returned strong with a third season debut of  2,022,000 overnight, estimated Global viewers. That should translate into 20 million American, but instead the total on Fox was less than half of that–8.9 million viewers, down 35% from the year before.
Global’s big night continued at 9 with NCIS: Los Angeles, which drew 2,056,000 viewers.
CTV also enjoyed high ratings for the new season’s first results episode of Dancing with the Stars (1,765,000) followed by the debut of the new CBS Poppy Montgomery drama Unforgettable (1,720,000). CTV claims that gives them the top-two series premieres so far this fall but check back in a week or two when Whitney (over 2 million Monday) loses all that Two and a Half Men traction.
The New Girl at City fought through heavy competition to score 736,000 in her sunny debut. The Zooey Deschanel sitcom performed better than Glee Stateside drawing 10.1 million on Fox and beating everything else on that night in the U.S. among 18-to-49-year-olds. Raising Hope followed at City with 516,000 and they all stuck around for Body of Proof.
The strong import returns cut into the numbers at CBC for Week Two of the Rick Mercer Report (870,000), 22 Minutes (792,000) and Camelot (672,000).

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